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To Play Ludo Gaint, You need to follow rules added below

There is a ludo board, it’s a sq. with a pattern on that within the form of a cross, every arm being divided into 3 adjacent columns of eight squares. the center squares type the house column for every color and can’t be landed upon by different colors.

The middle of the cross forms an oversized sq. that is that the ‘home’ space and that is split into four home triangles, one among every color. At every corner, separate to the most circuit area unit colored circles (or squares) wherever the items area unit placed to start.

The beginning sq., the beginning circle, the house triangle and every one the house column squares area unit colored to match the corresponding items.

Each player chooses one among the four colors (green, yellow, red or blue) and places the four items of that change the corresponding beginning circle. one die is thrown to work out movement.

Players act in clockwise order; World Health Organization throws all-time low score and also the highest score i.e. half dozen of dice will set out from the house and begin the sport. Each throw, the player decides that piece to maneuver. a bit merely moves during a clockwise direction round the track given by the amount thrown. If no piece will de jure move in step with the amount thrown, play passes to consequent player.

A throw of half dozen offers another flip. However, continuous three times throw of half dozen spoils your flip and offers the communicate consequent player.

If a bit lands on a bit of a unique color, the piece jumped upon is came back to its beginning circle. And If a bit lands upon a bit of a similar color, this forms a block. This block can not be passed or landed on by Associate in Nurcsing opposing piece.

How to Win?

When a bit has circumnavigated the board, it payoff up the house column. a bit will solely be emotional onto the house triangle by a particular throw. the primary person to maneuver all four items into the house triangle wins.

If there square measure a pair of and three players within the game, one can win the sport and if there square measure four players, then conjointly one players will win the sport.

With the referral codes, players will produce personal area to play board game Ludo Gaint game and begin winning the sport.

How I withdraw cash?

You can Withdraw money at any time by planning to My billfold page and clicking on Withdraw money.

Minimum withdrawal quantity is Rs one hundred.

Only winning quantity are often withdrawal.

Winner can get the number of total bet once deduction the 5-10% as board game ludo gaint platform victimization fee.

Note – This ludo game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ only..